A new glitch in Zelda Dupe makes you rich with frozen meat

One other intelligent duplication bug has been found legend Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Though this bug doesn’t can help you duplicate your favourite weapons, it is going to can help you shortly fill your pockets with rupees.

This glitch involves us by way of the YouTube channel No hypothesis And it was confirmed by an article dated Eurogamer. The glitch is confirmed to work on all variations of the sport as much as 1.1.2, and all you may want are a few weapons, some uncooked meat, and at the least 57 Zonaite.

First, scoop out two items of uncooked meat—it really works for any sort, however utilizing connoisseur meat pays probably the most. Subsequent, use Fuse’s capacity to connect each bit of flesh to a weapon (you need to use tree branches if that you must). Upon getting the Meat Golf equipment, you need to use the Ultrahand capacity to fuse them collectively.

In the long run, you may need 21 of these fused meat golf equipment, all fused collectively into one pile of meat and sticks. If making them individually appears daunting, you need to use Autobuild historical past to create a bunch of them. Upon getting a bag stuffed with molten meat golf equipment, quick journey to a snowy place.

This is the place the magic occurs: When you’re there, open your Autobuild registry and choose the pile of meat you made earlier, however do not construct it. After ready a number of seconds, an entire batch of frozen meat ought to come out of the air.

Choose up the freshly spilled meat, open the Autobuild historical past once more, and repeat the method as many instances as you want. The going fee for frozen connoisseur meat is 40 rupees, supplying you with a complete of 840 rupees per journey. So long as you’ve got an simply accessible supply of Zonaite, you may repeat this course of advert nauseam.

Nintendo has achieved a fairly good job patching a bunch of iteration glitches to this point, so you may need to make the most of this bug shortly if that you must line your pockets with simple money.

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